Why Mozambique?

An attractive investment destination

The level of FDI invested in Mozambique is the second-highest in Sub-Saharan Africa (2015 figure)
Recipient country in Sub-Saharan Africa
Source : The Economist

The perfect holiday destination

Mozambique ``has long been renowned for its bounty of natural beauty, cultural heritage and rich history`` (Best Of Mozambique)
Most-searched tourist destination in Africa
Source : ClubofMozambique.com

An economy driven by investments

Gross capital formation (total investments) accounts for 40% of the GDP. Prospects are promising: a $25 billion foreign investment was recently announced.

Gross Capital Formation

SOURCE: World Bank

A sustained period of high growth

Over the past 15 years, Mozambique's wealth per capita has more than doubled

GDP per capita (PPP)

SOURCE: World Bank

FDI stocks are increasing

In 2018, the total amount of FDI (inwards) stocks reached 40 USD billions

Total FDI stocks

SOURCE: Banco de Moçambique

Chinese entrepreneurs are here

Over the past few years, investments from China have jumped

FDI inflows from China

SOURCE: Banco de Moçambique

A dynamic extractive industry

Foreign entrepreneurs invested more than $2 billions in the extractive industry (2018)

FDI inflows directed to the extractive industry

SOURCE: Banco de Moçambique

An agricultural sector that continues to be upgraded

Productivity in the agricultural sector has already dramatically increased

Value added per worker in the Agricultural sector

Source: World Bank

Target sectors


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