Mozambique’s President Filipe Nyusi inaugurated a logistics and oil terminal at Matola, in Maputo province on Thursday, an investment of $100 million (€82.2 million) by Galp and the Independent Petroleum Group (IPG).

“We are in the presence of an infrastructure whose contribution to the economy goes far beyond the direct activities that arise from its business,” Filipe Nyusi said, speaking during the infrastructure inauguration ceremony.

The terminal, which has three diesel tanks and two fuel tanks, has a storage capacity of 60,000 cubic metres of fuel and an equal amount of gas, according to figures from the Mozambican presidency.

“This infrastructure will help the energy sector to respond to its challenges and to cope with the marked increase in national and regional demand,” he said.

According to Nyusi, this undertaking will increase Mozambique’s competitiveness as an oil product corridor for countries without direct access to the sea, also ensuring quality oil products and contributing to the massification of the use of cooking gas in the country.

The Galp-IPG Matola Terminal occupies an area of around five hectares in Maputo province and will double the country’s existing storage capacity, according to Galp.

Mozambique imports an average of 1.7 million cubic metres of oil products each year, particularly diesel, gasoline, light oil and cooking gas.