Mozambique participates and promotes business opportunities at the Algiers International Trade Fair.

Mozambique participates, from 13th to 18th June 2022, in the “53rd Edition of the International Trade Fair of Algiers”, an event taking place in the City of Algiers, capital of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria.

The country participates in the event as part of the investment opportunities and export products promotion, including the exposure of the economic potential in various sectors of economic activity, as well as the dissemination of its image as a preferred destination for Foreign Direct Investment.

On the one hand, Mozambique’s participation at the event, coordinated by the Investment and Export Promotion Agency (APIEX, IP), with the support of its embassy in that country, also aims to strengthen ties of economic cooperation between the business communities of the two countries.

The Official Opening Ceremony of the Fair took place on the 13th of June, having several people visited the Stand of Mozambique, with emphasis on ambassadors accredited in that country, members of the Algerian Government, as well as potential foreign investors interested in investing in Mozambique.