China-Mozambique relations

  • China’s relationship with Mozambique goes back several decades.
  • Since 1960 China has a privileged relationship with Frelimo (the ruling party) and backed Frelimo on its mission to an independent country (1975). Even before that, since the beginning of the 20th century, Chinese citizens have come to Mozambique to work in the construction of railway lines and establishing commercial establishments across the country.
  • In May 2016, the five-day visit of the Mozambican Head of State, Mr. Filipe Nyusi, to China was decisive for the relations of friendship, cooperation and solidarity between the two countries. On that occasion, Maputo and Beijing signed three co-operation agreements, notably concerning productive capacity, the creation of industrial zones and parks, and agreements between public companies linked to oil. But the highlight of the visit was the signing of the Partnership and Global Strategic Cooperation Agreement, which set out 14 principles of cooperation. The agreement is mainly based on strengthening defense capacity, safeguarding the country & stability and military training. This agreement turned Mozambique into an exceptional case of Chinese diplomacy outside Asia, as it had only been signed with Congo in Africa so far, with the remaining agreements being held only in Asia, namely with Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Burma and Thailand.
  • The Mozambican Head of State has returned to China on a second visit this April 2019 to participate in the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing.

President Filipe Nyusi & President Xi Jinping

Chinese investments in the country

China is one the main investors

Investments are mainly directed into the following sectors

Investments from China are increasing


Database source: Banco de Mocambique

Chinese firms in Mozambique

  • More than 100 Chinese companies are deemed to be conducting business in the country, hiring more than 20,000 Mozambicans and counting with at least 10,000 Chinese citizens residing in Mozambique.
  • Chinese firms operating in the construction sector have successfully built the following infrastructures

Bilateral representation

  • In addition to the Embassy, China has also an Economic and Commercial Office to assist  companies that want to do business in the country.
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