Sunshine Nut Company

Sunshine Nut is a company founded by North American business visionary Donald Larson, a former Hershey’s Executive who is now fully settled with his family in Matola, west side of Maputo (Mozambique).

With a vast career in the corporate food industry and after several years of exploring commodity growing regions around the world for The Hershey Company, Donald Larson gained meaningful insight on many countries’ potential to become powerful and independent market players, for which he spotted a transcendental opportunity to start-up on his own by investing in southern Africa, which took him to leave not only The Hershey Company but also the U.S. for a fresh start in Mozambique.

Sunshine Nut Company has become one of the bold names in the world cashew industry by having created an efficient and whole-embracing value chain of cashew growing, roasting & packaging that supplies its flagship products to hundreds of retail store chains (Whole Foods Market, Giant, Wegmans, Amazon …) in foreign markets.

The extraordinary success of Sunshine Nut relies partly on being right at the source, with unbeatable land, water and sun conditions, for which outmost quality control can be applied to the product in order to secure its finest attributes. Another factor of success is the local people: Strongly committed, well-equipped and well-trained local workers who apply effectively all required procedures and best practices for this type of scale production.

Logistics are also at the core of the business model, for which good infrastructure and the proximity and fitness of port of Maputo have been part of the formula to take Sunshine Nuts to the world at competitive conditions, not only satisfying ever-growing demand but to secure a loyal client base and to obtain distinctive certifications the product has been granted.But it’s not all about this thriving business. Sunshine Nuts pursues lasting transformation of peoples’ lives and communities through an integral approach to benefit locals, giving most of the company’s profits back to the poor, vulnerable children, widows and orphaned through a series of programmes powered by the Company’s philanthropic outreach extension called “Social Impact”, which is directed by Don Larson’s wife, Terri Larson.