During the Public calamity Situation the main measures are :

1. All general preventative measures against Covid-19 remain unchanged;
2. The use of  mask and visors should be particularly encouraged;
3. Only in cases of physical activity or any proven medical contraindication will the use of masks be exempted ;
4. Quarantine, isolation and internment measures are maintained;
5. The reduction in visits to citizens hospitalized in health units remains at a maximum of two people per day for each patient as is the prohibition of visits to  Covid-19 patients;
6. The limitation of disembarkation of ship’s crew persists. They may only disembark to the port area, being forbidden to leave it, except for health reasons;
7. Discotheques and games rooms are closed, with the exception of casinos;
8. Stalls and bars for the sale of alcoholic beverages are closed;
9. Collective sports activities, with or without spectators, will remain prohibited;
10. The period of operation of the markets will remain in effect, from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.;
11. The limitation on the number of passengers in different means of transport remains;
12. In collective passenger transport, in moto-taxi and bicycle-taxi, the use of masks and / or visors for all occupants remains mandatory;

Resumption of activities:

1. Restart of issuance of identification and travel documents;
2. The visa suppression agreements between the Mozambican state and other states in a process of reprocessing will be valid. The counting of length of stay in the national territory is suspended in relation to non-resident foreign technicians who provide services in structuring projects of the State;
3. The Government is going to initiate the electronic registration and the face-to-face bio-metric proof of life for state officials and civil servants.;
4. Resumption of passenger transport flights to certain countries, on a reciprocal basis;
5. Face-to-face classes for Grade 12 of general education in the National Education System resume from October 1st;
6. Resumption of face-to-face classes in other education systems [other than the Mozambican National Education System]  may occur under authorization by the ministers who oversee the areas of education and pre-school education and is dependent on the country’s epidemiological situation and the recommendations of the sector that oversees the health area;
7.  Short-term educational establishments may resume activity subject to authorization  by the Secretary of State in the province and in the City of Maputo, as appropriate, subject to the existence of sectorial contingency plans and to the existence of appropriate conditions , verified by the local health authorities;
8. It is authorized, from the 15th of September, to  go to the beaches. However, the ban on the practice of group sports, musical shows, the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages is maintained;
9. People going to the beach must comply with Covid-19 prevention measures, including physical distance;
10. The resumption of training of the national teams that have international competitions is maintained, observing the preventative measures;
11. It is authorized, as of September 15th, the training of the teams playing in the Moçambola;
12.Restaurants and catering services will operate in strict compliance with the Covid-19 prevention measures;

Public and private institutions are required to take the following measures:

1. Measurement of body temperature before the start of the working day;
2. The disinfection of  facilities with the recommended products;
3. The airing [adequate ventilation] of premises;
4. Prevent people from entering the premises in case of fever or flu-like symptoms;

Limitation on the number of participants in events:
1. The limit of 30 participants increases to 40, in private meetings, except in urgent situations of the functioning of the State and others of public interest.
2. In religious services, the number of participants should not exceed 50 percent of the maximum capacity of the place, as long as it does not exceed 150 people;
3. Religious entities may reopen places of worship, observing the preventative measures;
4. The number of participants in funeral ceremonies increases to 50, when the cause of death is not Covid-19. In case the cause of death if coronavirus the funeral may be attended by a  a maximum of 10 persons.


*Please find  the official decree in Portuguese on this website`s library.